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Surgical Procedures Performed

We Provide Various Medical Services

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Robotic Assisted Surgeries

  • Hernia repair includes:

    • Umbilical hernia

    • Ventral hernia

    • Inguinal and femoral/groin hernias

    • Hiatal/para-esophageal hernia

    • Complex abdominal hernias

  • Anti-Reflux surgery: Fundoplication

  • Gallbladder surgery: cholecystectomy - multiple and single site

  • Gastrointestinal procedures: stomach, small bowel and large bowel

  • Heller Myotomy

  • Splenectomy

Open Surgery

  • Complex Abdominal Hernias

  • Splenectomy

  • Skin Grafts

  • Skin Lumps Removal

  • Wounds Related Procedures

  • Catheters Placements for Chemotherapy

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